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The World Wide Web Consortium updated success criterion 4.1.1 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This criterion asks that:

  • elements have complete start and end tags,
  • elements are nested according to their specifications,
  • elements do not contain duplicate attributes,
  • any IDs are unique.

The update on September 21, 2023 says that this success criterion should be considered as always satisfied for any content using HTML or XML. The criterion was published 15 years ago. Nowadays browsers must handle the above mentioned anomalies when they occur in websites. In practice, they no longer cause accessibility issues for users.

AnySurfer no longer tests success criterion 4.1.1. In audit reports, this criterion will be marked as "passed".

Issues such as missing roles due to inappropriately nested elements or incorrect states or names due to a duplicate ID are covered by different Success Criteria.


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