Towards an accessible internet.

AnySurfer offers advice, auditing, and trainings to help you build accessible websites. Our accessibility guidelines will improve your services for all of your visitors, including those who have low vision, are hard of hearing, or have difficulties using a mouse or keyboard.

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These websites were recently tested by AnySurfer. Their status page indicates their level of accessibility.

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Colour contrast

A high colour contrast ratio between a text and its background makes said text easier to read for colour blind and partially sighted users.

Aria-label and aria-labelledby

These attributes are used to give an element it's accessible name. They do the same thing but in different ways.

Why does an accessible internet matter?

There are humane, technical, financial, and legal arguments in favour of building accessible websites and applications.

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We've been helping organisations improve the accessibility of their services for over 18 years. Some or our clients: