AnySurfer strives for a more accessible internet for all users, including people with a disability.

We offer

  • An accessibility audit of your website. You receive a report that describes all accessibility issues, illustrated with screenshots, code examples and suggestions for improvement.
  • Training sessions for web developers, designers and editors, and training on producing accessible Word-documents, PDF-documents and video.
  • Guidance throughout the construction of your new website: we point out accessibility barriers in your graphic design, your templates and your editorial work in order to avoid more complex remediation afterwards.
  • We certify and promote the services of webdesign companies that have proven to build accessible websites.
  • Tailored consultancy services.

AnySurfer is also the name of a quality label for accessible websites. To obtain it, your website must comply to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 level A.

Digital accessibility

Digital information is by nature far more accessible than printed or spoken material. This is why the internet holds a great potential to become the most valuable communication and information medium available for the visually impaired, for people who can't use their hands and for other people that use assistive technologies. However, its potential can only be achieved when websites, documents and apps are built according to the guidelines for accessibility.

Contact us

You find our office in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, next to the European Institutions. Although the rest of this website is in Dutch and French, we offer our services also in English.