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We offer advice on how to improve the accessibility of every digital project you may have. After extensive testing, you will receive a comprehensive audit report. This file includes all potential issues we encountered, and offers practical solutions.

Audits can be performed in order to obtain a label, but also to receive advice without commiting to a label.

We can both perform an audit during the development of a website or app, or after it's finished.

Auditing a work in progress

Save time by thinking ahead: take accessibility into account from the very start of your project. We help you build an accessible website or app by guiding you at crucial moments during the development phase. Depending on your needs, we analyse your:

  • Corporate identity
  • Graphic designs
  • Wireframes
  • Templates
  • Component libraries
  • Other deliverables

You will receive a report that offers an overview of any present issues and several tips on how to solve them.

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Auditing a finished website or app

We analyse a sample of pages of your website/screens of your app, and compile a detailed report on their level of accessibility.

This report will allow you to locate and solve accessibility problems within your website or app. We will describe every type of issue we find, and offer advice on how to resolve it.

Our report will also confirm whether or not your project adheres to the WCAG 2.2 criteria (levels A and AA), if applicable.

The information in the audit report allows to improve the accessibility. If you ask us to validate your corrections, we will update the audit report and we will indicate for each issue whether it is solved or what extra work is needed.


The price of an audit depends on the complexity:

  • Small: static website/app with a page or 10 or a small site/app with simple content.
  • Medium: all sites/apps that are not small or comlex.
  • Complex: site/app with complex content (multiple applications, sign in via eletronic identity card, intranets, complex components) or a big ariety of different page types (that increase the sample of pages to be tested for the audit).

Prices for the first audit and possible next audits to check whether the issues are solved:

  • Small: 1250€ for the first audit, 375€ and 125€ for subsequent audits
  • Medium: 2500€ for the first audit, 750€ and 250€ for subsequent audits
  • Complex: 4000€ for the first audit, 1000€ and 500€ for subsequent audits

The prices are excl. VAT.

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