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Bart Simons (nl, fr, en)

Bart is a multilingual accessibility veteran. He insists on the importance of placing the disabled user at the centre of accessibility projects. This is why he is a committee member of the European Disability Forum, the European Blind Union, and ANEC (EU standards).

Certified: IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS)

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Lora-Elly Vannieuwenhuysen (nl, en)

Lora joined the AnySurfer team in February 2018. She performs audits, informs customers, and gives trainings. Her previous webmastering job gave her hands-on experience with online communication.

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Sophie Schuermans (fr, nl, en)

Sophie lives in Brussels and is perfectly trilingual. A specialist in digital accessibility for over 10 years, she divides her time between audits, training and supporting our customers. She loves immersing herself in standards and is involved in the working group for the official French translation of WCAG.

Certified: IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS)

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Frank Van Acker (nl)

Frank joined the AnySurfer team in August 2020. He performs website audits, among other tasks. Frank also builds websites. Before joining AnySurfer, he built up experience in web development and IT. This experience will definitely come in handy at AnySurfer.

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Inge Rutsaert (nl, en)

Inge started working for AnySurfer in July 2021 and as an information professional she considers (web) accessibility as a basic requirement when providing any kind of information. With a background in educational and research support and a bunch of creative skills Inge will contribute to the AnySurfer audits, training sessions and communication.

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Ibrahim Tamditi (fr, en, nl,)

Passionated by technology, communication, languages, series and sport, Ibrahim has always wanted to ensure that accessibility makes everyone's daily life easier! Accessibility First thinking is thinking about everyone.

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Stéphanie Ramon (fr, es)

Stéphanie joined the AnySurfer team in August 2022. Romanist and graphic designer by training, she caught the accessibility bug when she started working as a UX designer 6 years ago. She joins AnySurfer for audits and training.

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Bram Janssens (nl, en)

Bram has worked as a web developer for many years. That experience and his passion for the internet come in handy at AnySurfer. Contributing enthusiastically to digital solutions that are accessible and user-friendly for everyone, that's what we're all about! A win for all of us!

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The label 'IAAP certified WAS' indicates a person is certified as a Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).