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We offer workshops on a topic of your choice: your website, your videos, your PDF documents, your corporate identity, etc. These sessions last about one or two hours, depending on your needs.

A workshop will help you understand what accessibility can do for you and your users. We will show you how to evaluate accessibility, how to improve your products, and what benefits this offers. You will be able to ask us all questions you may have.

This workshop is not a set presentation. It offers an easy way to receive practical feedback. If you grant us access to the content or application you want to discuss up front, we will fully customise our workshop to your needs.

We will not provide you with a comprehensive report of your project once the workshop is over, unless it was ordered as part of an audit of your website.

Formats and prices

  • Location: online via Zoom
  • 500 EUR VAT excl. for a session of two hours for the whole group.
  • Contact us to plan your workshop.