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Colour contrast

A high colour contrast ratio between a text and its background makes said text easier to read for colour blind and partially sighted users.

Self-service terminals and kiosks

Accessible devices in public spaces should provide different interaction mechanisms. Designers and developers have to take into account environmental factors, the accessibility of the device itself and provide an adaptable user interface.

Accessible drop down menus

A main navigation with expandable levels is compact, gives users an overview of all pages, and allows to go quickly to a specific page.

Keyboard navigation

All website functionality must be usable by keyboard. This means, among other things, that all links and form fields must be accessible by tab key and usable with the enter key.

How to write an accessibility statement

When you make efforts to produce accessible websites and apps, you are encouraged to communicate about it. This can be done by publishing an accessibility statement.

Techniques to add an alternative text to an image

Images can be made accessible by either marking them as decorative or by providing an alternative text. Which technique to choose depends on the way the image has been implemented.

Show and hide content

Techniques for an accessible disclosure: change the button label to indicate the action, use details with summary or indicate the state with aria-expanded.

CSS generated content

CSS allows to insert text, images and icon fonts into a web page. What are the accessibility implications?

Aria-label and aria-labelledby

These attributes are used to give an element it's accessible name. They do the same thing but in different ways.

Why does an accessible internet matter?

There are humane, technical, financial, and legal arguments in favour of building accessible websites and applications.

Visible focus

When navigating from link to link by tab key, a user must always be able to see which element receives focus. Define a clearly visible :focus state in your style sheet to achieve this.