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AnySurfer label for websites

The AnySurfer label: the character A sits within a circle, and has a check mark at its upper right, and the word AnySurfer below it.
  • The AnySurfer label proves AnySurfer has tested your website's accessibility.
  • The label links to a status page which shows your visitors the accessibility level of your website.
  • The label is valid for a maximum duration of two years.

List of all labelled websites by AnySurfer.

How can you obtain the label for your website?

The status page

The statuts page indicates:

  • Your website's level of accessibility,
  • The date of your most recent accessibility test,
  • Potential remarks, for example about the scope of the audit.

Curious? Check out an example of a status page.

Accessibility levels

AnySurfer evaluates the compliance of websites with the criteria of WCAG 2.2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), which are international standards. WCAG is divided into three levels: A, AA, and AAA.

You don't have to comply with all criteria at once. Our label can represent different levels of accessibility:

  • WCAG level A: this is our minimum level of accessibility.
  • WCAG level AA: this is the recommended level to aim for and is compulsory for Belgian government websites
  • WCAG level AAA: WCAG's highest level, intended for websites aimed at a specific audience, e.g. visitors who use sign language.

New labels

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