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Introduction to digital accessibility

Would you like to publish information that is accessible to everyone? Not sure how to get started? This introduction will give you an overview of what digital accessibility entails.

This training answers questions like:

  • What is digital accessibility?
  • To whom is it important?
  • How do people with disabilities use a computer, and what assistive technologies do they use?
  • Which obstacles do they encounter?
  • What can you do to make your website more accessible?
  • Which people in your organisation can help make your website acecssible?
  • What about accessibility laws?

We will explain all of this with the aid of examples: we demonstrate how different fictional personas use a computer, which assistive technologies they rely on, and which obstacles they encounter on various real life websites. Each bad example will be countered by a good one.

This introduction is included in our other trainings.

Target audience

This training is useful to anyone who creates digital content.

Required prior knowledge


Practical information

Participants agree with our general conditions. They also contain our cancellation policy.

  • Duration: 2 hours session, but the training can be made shorter or longer on request.
  • Location: temporarily only via Zoom
  • Number of participants: up to 25
  • Price: 500 EUR excl. VAT (605 EUR incl. VAT) for a 2 hours session
  • Contact us to set a date.