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Accessible Microsoft Word files

Learn how to publish accessible Microsoft Word documents.

This training will show you how to maximise the usability of your digital documents for disabled users who rely on assistive technology. You'll receive ten accessibility tips, followed by short exercises that show the practical application of these tips.

Once you know how to make accessible documents, we'll also show you how these documents form the perfect template for conversion to other accessible formats such as HTML, PDF, or audiobooks.

A lot of online information starts out as a Word document. Therefore, it's important to keep accessibility in mind from the very start of your writing process. To make sure the base document you're working off is accessible, it's crucial to learn how to properly use Microsoft Word: we'll teach you the correct usage of Word's built-in functions.

Target audience

This training is aimed at everyone who publishes Word documents.

Necessary prior knowledge

You must be an experienced user of Microsoft Word.