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It is more than 3 years ago that the European Directive on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies had to be transposed into national laws. Today is the deadline for member states to report to the European Commission about this period. An implementing decision describes the arrangements for reporting by member states.

Belgium published the report for the period 2020-2021 in Dutch and French. Here are the links to the reports of other member states, accompanied by an English machine translation.

There is also an unofficial list of member state reports which includes a report by the United Kingdom.

The European Commission shall use those reports to review the application of the directive. In six months we may expect the results.

Deque's Wilco Fiers undertook a comparative analysis of the published country reports.



Hello, At the end of an article by Julie Moynat about the situation in France, there is a list of accessibility reports by European country, a collaborative list on Framapad. We can add Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. - Article: - List:

Bart Simons

Thanks a lot. I updated the post accordingly.


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