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Obtain a label as a web developer

The AnySurfer label for web developers rewards people who have proven that they are able to build accessible websites. We also call them recognised web developers. Read the conditions to become and remain a recognised web developer.

Become a recognised web developer in 3 steps

To become a recognised web developer, you must :

  1. Understand accessibility: sign up for our technical training.
  2. Apply accessibility principles: build a website that complies with WCAG 2.1 level A at least (= AnySurfer label).
  3. Promote accessibility: give your customers the necessary education and documentation to be able to publish accessible content in their CMS.

Contact us if you want to be recognized. Once you fulfill our three conditions, we'll add you to the list. The recognition is valid for 1 year. There are no membership fees.

Annual extension

A recognised web developer has to prove they still fulfill our conditions on an annual basis (understand, apply, promote) by renewing at least 1 of these conditions.

  • Understand: follow a new training related to web accesibility.
  • Apply: build a new accessible website for one of their customers.
  • Promote: share knowledge about accessibility. For example:
    • Build an accessible widget and make it publicly available.
    • Submit or solve public accessibility bugs.
    • Publish articles on accessibility.
    • Promote accessibility by giving talks about it.
    • ...

You might not find a customer every year who wants to have their website tested. If you want to extend your status as a recognized agency by means of the 2nd condition (apply), we will test your website of choice on all criteria, except on an editorial level.

If you want to extend your status by means of the 3th condition (promote), the quantity and quality of your work must be sufficient. Contact us to discuss what this entails.