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Accessibility for front-end developers

Are you a front-end designer or developer? This training will offer you everything you need to build an accessible website.

Aided by 9 fictional personas, we'll show you how users with specific disabilities navigate a computer. Once you're familiar with the common obstacles they encounter online, we'll offer you easy ways to avoid these issues during the design and development phase of your website.

We use themes to illustrate the main principles of accessibility, for example:

  • Images
  • Keyboard accessibility
  • Forms
  • Widgets
  • ARIA
  • ...

We'll discuss good and bad live examples for every theme, after which we'll offer you exercises to practice these principles in group. Each aspect of web accessibility will be touched upon. The training is interactive, and you can ask your questions anytime.

Target audience

This training is aimed at front-end developers and designers who want to learn how to build accessible websites.

Necessary prior knowledge

Experience with HTML and CSS is a must. Having notions of Javascript is recommended.

Practical information

Participants agree with our general conditions, including our cancellation policy.

  • Location: online via Zoom or on location
  • Duration: the online training is split in 3 modules of 3 hours, on location the training is split in 2 modules of 4 hours.

Practical information

  • This training can be ordered for a group of maximum 20 participants.
  • Contact us to discuss potential dates.
  • 1800 EUR excl. VAT